Tease Me Spotlight!

Welcome to the Tease Me Spotlight and Giveaway! This giveaway runs from 6/5 to 6/12!

Below are some wonderful teasers from some of our favorite authors! Check them out. To enter the giveaway all you have to do is share them!
There are links to their work below the teasers as well in case you want to pick up a couple new summer reads!

Shuttered Affections is FREE!

Snowed In is $0.99!

Soul Bound: The Warrior is $1.99

Nephilim Falling is $2.99!

Rex is $0.99!

Viking Thunder is FREE!

What it Takes is $2.99!

Salvage Him is $0.99!

The Queen’s Training is $2.99!

Hunks to the Rescue is $0.99!

Notes on Love is $2.99!

Death and Beauty is $0.99!

Luck of the Draw is $2.99!

Brawler is $2.99!

Above Protection is $2.99!

All Jazzed Up is $3.99!

Now that you’ve had time to shop! Enter the giveaway!

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