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A good girl gone rogue.

A charmer with an overprotective streak.

Are their $49 vows the investment of a lifetime?

Izzy O’Reilly’s strict upbringing makes running off to Vegas to fulfill her dream of starting her own family seem like the ultimate show of independence. When she runs into Ivan Nemitz there, she wonders if the handsome football coach can make her dreams a reality. He’s on board, but insists they secretly marry to protect her baby from her overbearing father.

Ivan Nemitz doesn’t love the idea of his best friend’s younger sister having a baby with a random stranger—but helping sweet Izzy achieve her dreams himself means waking up to the smart and beautiful woman who’s been under his nose for years. Their $49 wedding vows mean the fun of a honeymoon with zero responsibility afterwards. But after he calls Izzy his wife, can he ever return to his bachelor ways?

Keeping secrets in small-town Campfire is a losing proposition. Can Ivan and Izzy form a real family, or are their vows destined to be nothing more than tinder for the gossip fires?

Join us around the campfire, where you can pour out your troubles and seek solace in friendship and love.

Forbidden Flame is book one in the Campfire Council Series but can be read as a stand-alone romance. The newly elected city council of Campfire, WA, is ready to win hearts and rebuild their small town, but can this sisterhood of the wine-soaked campfire find love amid the flames?

“If you want to stay, you have to play the game…”

Steele O’Brien is everything I hate in hockey players.
He’s cocky, brooding, antagonistic.

I played his game, learned his secrets.
But that was before I found out he’s my new stepbrother.

Now we’re at college together, and I can’t escape him.
Or his demons.

It seems that, for him, the game isn’t over.
He says I’m his to play with. His to torment.
And he’s determined to not only get under my skin, but carve his name into it.

Sassy meets surly in this steamy instalove romance

I’m a curvy, book loving nerd and I’m on a mission to save my beloved library. Driving all over Lone Mountain asking for donations isn’t in my job description, but I’ll do it.

When I’m unexpectedly stranded on a mountain roadside in the middle of a raging storm, I find myself being rescued by the infuriatingly sexy Race Gentry, a man as tough and untamed as the mountain he calls home. Burly and gruff, this mountain man and former soldier is certainly not my idea of Prince Charming. But the possessive way he looks at me has me ready to trade in my steamy romance novels for a walk on the wild side.

I knew I was a goner the second I saw her lush curves and sweet, sassy mouth. The curvy spitfire showed up on my mountain out of nowhere, disrupting the peace and solitude I thought I wanted and bringing to the surface every overprotective instinct I’d long buried. She’s mine and I know it instantly. And if I have to convince her…well, that could be a whole lot of fun. We may be total opposites, but she fits me like fate.

Lone Mountain, Montana, is a small mountain community filled with gruff ex-military, ex-cons, and men whose natural language is grumpy! Each one of these burly heroes has a past they want to leave behind but can’t seem to forget. They crave the peace and quiet of their mountain to soothe their ragged souls. You can expect our signature curvy girls and grumpy men who know what they want with enough heat to keep you satisfied.

Hypothesis for Love #5: The more time spent together, the more likely the individuals will experience romantic attraction towards each other.

Dr. Max Goodall doesn’t remember me, but I can’t stop thinking about him.

My new boss is the gorgeous guy with a sexy British accent I kissed at a club, while celebrating my newly found single life.

I would quit except I need this research position for my PHD to get my life back on track after my cheating ex-husband derailed me.

Now, Max and I are stuck working together in a pharmaceutical lab…just the two of us. He may be smart and hardworking, but we clash over everything. That doesn’t stop our chemistry from growing exponentially.

As much as I hate him, I crave him.

Every argument with his panty-melting voice and each heated glance he casts my way makes it harder not to give in.

We can’t react or we’ll both lose everything we’ve been working for.

All I have to do is ignore the attraction and focus on the data. Easy, right?

Hypothesis for Love is the first book in the Romancing the Geek series, a new steamy rom-com series set at a pharmaceutical company in Seattle, Washington. It’s an enemies-to-lovers romance between a smart heroine who’s done with men, and her sexy, nerdy scientist boss, who never mixes business with pleasure…until he does.

Check out the entire series, featured on Steamy Lounge!

From USA Today bestselling author Parker S. Huntington comes a steamy, slow-burn love story full of enemies-to-lovers banter, set in high school.

Damiano De Luca: a curse with no cure.

Before he ruled the De Luca family,
before he became the man everyone feared,
before he scoured an empire in search of me,
he chose me to ruin.

I was innocent.
An untainted princess.
The heiress to the Vitali mafia throne.

And I was in the wrong place at the wrong time when I met the wrong boy.

My name is Renata Vitali…
And this is not a love story.

Warning: This story ends in a cliffhanger. Renata Vitali is a ~35,000-word prequel novella in The Five Syndicates mafia romance series. It can be read before Damiano De Luca but does not need to be.

Every Halloween, Satan’s Affair will come to you.

We travel the country, offering terrifying haunted houses, thrilling rides and the tastiest food. And with every passing town, I cleanse this world, one execution at a time.

I hide within the walls, casting my judgement for those that reek of evil, singing lullabies to their rotting souls.

Once you’ve been chosen, there’s no escaping my henchmen—they cater to my every desire.

You can run and you can hide, but it only excites me.


Take a walk through my dollhouse, where your screams will blend and your cute little pleas will go unanswered.

But I can’t promise it’ll be over quickly…

“Wedding bells, Aria,” Luca’s voice is a velvet threat. “Your ‘something blue’ better not be the regret in your eyes.”

Don’t fall for a pretty face, they whisper.
Luca Conte, with his shadowed past, was a storm I couldn’t resist.
He promised escape from a gilded cage, a future painted in freedom.
Now, I’m his pawn in a ruthless game, my brother furious at my betrayal.

Love burns bright, but his secrets choke the flames. Betrayal stings.
Luca’s a house of cards, built on lies.
Can I escape the inferno before the whole world comes crashing down?

ANGEL OF MERCY is a standalone full-length mafia spicy romance. Immerse yourself in a world of runaway brides, captivating criminals, and a love that defies all odds.
Addictive, thrilling, unputdownable!

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